Cell Phone Cases

Tips on Getting Cell Phone Cases

These days, there are more types of cell phones on the market than you can (as they say) shake a stick at. And, naturally, there are cell phone cases to go with those cell phones. The question you have to ask yourself is: which cell phone cases would be best for me?

Fortunately, cell phone cases tend to be quite cheap, as opposed to the actual phones and their service plans, but those are other matters. First off, you have to decide what type of cell phone cases might be best for you. Some people love the idea of having their cell phone right on their belt. Cell phones cases that go there make for quick and easy access to the cell phone when it rings. Now, there is a little warning to consider with such cell phone cases: do you just get a simple clip on, or one that goes through a belt loop? The clip on cell phone cases have the ease of attachment, but that is a double-edged sword, so to speak. If your cell phone cases are easy to clip on, it also means that they are easy to unclip. So, you have to be wary of someone stealing your cell phone right off your hip. In fact, you may want to look at cell phone cases that have loops in them. This way, the case stays firmly attached.

If you are a woman, there are cell phone cases that can clip to the inside of a purse. Here again, this is a very convenient method of carrying your cell phone. If your purse does not have a pocket specifically for a cell phone, you do not want to have to go searching for your phone every time it rings. It never fails; the cell phone stops ringing the second you find it! So, cell phone cases specifically designed for a purse are best in that situation.

In terms of access to cell phone cases, you have four basic types. Some cell phone cases have a lid that is attached to the base with clips. Here again, this is very good for securing your cell phone against theft. Next, there are the Velcro cell phone cases. While a little easier to access, they still give good security. The tear of Velcro is quite a distinct sound, and one that will definitely catch your ear. And then there are the cell phone cases with magnetic flip top lids. Some people worry about a magnet being near their cell phone, that they will erase all the phone numbers they've stored in the phone, but that is not an issue. And finally, there are the cell phone cases that have no lips at all. You just sit your phone in it, and can whip it out whenever you want.

In terms of cost for cell phone cases, they are very affordable. The best places to find a good one are at little kiosks in the mall, street vendors, and flea markets. Some people advocate getting cell phone cases online, but that's really a waste of time. Plus, given the wide variety of cell phones out there, you need to be able to try your phone in the various cell phone cases to make sure it fits right. You can always get one from the phone manufacturer, but some of them are not cheap. Also, when you sign up for your cell phone service, some companies give you cell phone cases with your phones. Be sure to ask about that, before you sign up for your service. If you wait to ask afterwards, you may find they cost extra.